A Very Simple Secret is now official

Written by Judi

March 13, 2024

Two book events last week, one in London, another in Norfolk, declared A Very Simple Secret officially out there in the public domain. The book’s already doing its job, attracting comment about mid-20th century childhoods, ideologies, crisis response, parenting styles, boarding school and much else.

Among the attendees at the Frontline Club in London, it was exciting to be joined by eight friends from four of the schools I’d attended. And at home in Norfolk the party included a dear friend I’d lived with when I was four. Most of these are named in the book and shared my unusual upbringing in one way or another. Marion, a particular pal from my Swiss school days, had even flown over from New Zealand to attend the launch events. So we were celebrating friendship and a shared story as much as the book publication itself.

Big thanks to the Frontline Club and Nelson’s County caterers for their outstanding hospitality on each occasion.



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