Judi Conner

Judi was born in Bristol in 1952. She had a restless early childhood, attending three boarding schools and three day schools, in Sussex, London, Devon and Switzerland.

After graduating in Modern History from St Hugh’s College Oxford, she trained as a print journalist and joined BBC Television as a researcher in the Current Affairs department. She became a producer and moved into documentary-making, working on every continent for TV series that included Man Alive, Brass Tacks, Great Railway Journeys of the World, Forty Minutes and Everyman.

Judi left the BBC to set up a media consultancy, with clients including charities, government departments and corporates, while also completing a Master’s in global mass communications. She also moved into coaching and leadership training in several countries. This included work with young influencers around the Middle East, and a particular highlight for her was facilitating a series of virtual exchange programmes, via video conference, between European students in London and Palestinian counterparts in Gaza, arranged by the British Council.

In 1989, Judi married BBC News journalist Kevin Geary, originally from New Zealand, and they live in Norfolk and London. They have two sons, Louis and Jack, and recently became grandparents. A family of All-Black supporters, they are also proud Europeans, and, thanks to Judi’s family roots in Ireland, she still holds an EU passport.