Crying Out – But Who’s Listening?

Written by Judi

January 25, 2024

It felt like a rare glimpse of humanity speaking with one voice. Thousands of people, of all cultures and hues, from all over the UK and the world. Old folk and babies, grunge- and Hunter welly-wearers, the silent and the vocal. The event was the last London peace march, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Union, college, professional and national flags and banners mingled with our Lib Dem ones. A self-confessed “disillusioned Tory” joined our group as the march set off.

The crowd took more than three hours to walk the two miles from the Bank to Westminster. “Ceasefire NOW!” the cry went. “Palestine will be free!”. Some of the strongest echoes of “from the river to the sea” came from the hundreds, possibly thousands, following the ‘Jewish bloc’ banner. The swarming mass shuffled past Downing Street to reach Parliament. Polls say that most people in the UK want the bombing stopped immediately. The protests reflect this. How we all wish the UK and US ‘powers that be’ would listen, and reconsider the damage they’re doing to Gaza – and the world – by their silence.


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