Half an hour in Spain

Written by Judi

February 16, 2024

On a grey morning in North Norfolk last week, as the wind howled down the chimney and heavy rain splashed the windows, I made a fleeting visit to Marbella. OK, the trip merely involved the click of a Zoom link. But it was still refreshing to ‘land’ suddenly in a Mediterranean radio studio to meet, live on-air, Talk Radio Europe’s Giles Brown – he sporting a summery tee-shirt, me in a thick sweater and padded gilet. I was there to chat about my new book.

Minutes earlier I’d been listening to TRE’s news headlines report the sudden exodus of Brits to Spain this week, due to the arrival of another ‘Beast from the East’ storm. How tempting it was to insist I do my interview face-to-face, and join the queues at the airport!

Of course that wasn’t going to happen, not least because I had a BBC station lined up to ‘visit’ next. Instead, what took place was a relaxed discussion of A Very Simple Secret via our screens, followed by the promise of a café con leche next time I’m in Marbella. Oh well…

You can listen to the interview with TRE’s Giles Brown on the MP3 link below. Among other things you’ll find out why, if you ever come across a rock band called Posh Commune, the name was inspired by this very radio conversation. You heard it here first!



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