Time For Transmission – My Book’s Out!

Written by Judi

January 28, 2024

Back in the day, in the 1980s, the UK only had four TV channels, and if your VHS recorder wasn’t working you only had one chance to watch a programme. iPlayer or All-4 were unheard of, and ‘streaming’ meant you had a bad cold. So when a programme you’d worked on was transmitted, it was a big deal. You’d hire a preview theatre beforehand, hoping the press would rally some viewers, and you’d invite your friends round to watch the programme as it went out. There were occasional repeats but almost every TV programme was a one-off. Catch it or miss it!

Nowadays TV has a longer shelf life, and we watch shows at any time. You don’t have to stay in for them, or hold your party on ‘transmission night’. It’s much the same when a book comes out. Launch events are rarely on the actual publication date. The new book slips quietly into stock (one hopes), and people read it at their leisure over the weeks, months and even years to come.

And so today (which happens to be a Sunday: the quietest and least commercial day of the week), I’m quietly marking the publication of my memoir without fanfare or party. I hope my book will shine a little light on some overlooked history of the last century, and open up new conversations. The work is complete. It’s out there. Please buy it and read it in your own time.



  1. M

    Congratulations Judi on the publication of your moving memoir. You weave your story and your parent’s story together beautifully, honestly and compassionately.
    The secret’s out!
    Thank you for your courage. May your book open conversations. It is already shining a light for us all.

    • Judi

      Thank you for your support. I’m aware that many others share my story, and hope the book will help them feel understood and acknowledged.

      • Phil

        I am just enjoying it! Fascinating stuff. …far better than I thought.
        It has so many interesting aspects to it. Really proud of you. I am advising my mates to read it, “get in early before it sells out and the film of the book is released”

  2. Michael Pomroy

    A book you pick up at four o’clock in the afternoon and put down again at midnight.
    To me it’s the (fascinating) story of a lost childhood, a story which is long overdue in the telling.
    So many of our generation were packed off to boarding school because it was the thing to do. For many, an enlightening & rewarding experience, but, for many more, we were scarred for life.
    Thank you, Judi. You tell it how it was.


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