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Judi Conner has worked internationally as a BBC Television journalist, media consultant, coach and trainer. She lives with her husband and dog in Norfolk and London, and they have two sons.

After a long career in the media, communications and training, Judi has published two books.

In 2013 she edited her grandfather’s memoir, An Army Doctor’s Story. It was originally published as a family record, but other readers have enjoyed this personal account of a young medic, born in Victorian London, who served the British Empire in Russia, India, China, Palestine, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe, and through the two World Wars.

Judi’s memoir/history A Very Simple Secret: My parents, their mission to change the world, and me, published by Troubador, is available from January 2024. Set largely in the 1950s and early ‘60s, the book takes us inside the global movement for Moral Re-Armament (MRA), which was striving for world peace and freedom from totalitarianism. While her parents travelled on this mission, Judi stayed in boarding schools and friends’ homes, finding it impossible to explain her parents’ activities to her schoolfriends. The story brings to light an often neglected period of post-war history, viewed from the point of view of the adults involved and the children left behind.

A Very Simple Secret vividly propels readers back to the mid-20th century era when a war of ideas raged, a new world order was being fought over and high ideals came at a price.

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